Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast

106 // A Memory of Past and Future: Track By Track - Exploring Vangelis | Part Two (A 700 Layer Cake Part 16)

September 28, 2021

Vangelis’ score for Blade Runner remains a high-water mark in film score history. Expressive, darkly dramatic, full of undertones of film noir and an imagined future, his soundtrack is just as iconic as the film itself. 

In this episode, Jaime, Patrick, and new Contributing Host Dr. Robin Bunce go track by track through the 1994 Warner release. Although it deviates significantly from the score as it appears in the film, it’s the version many of us know best—and the one you’ll find available most readily on streaming platforms. (Never fear: we will return to analyze other editions in future episodes!)

So pull up the 1994 version, give it a listen, and join us as we dive very, very deeply into this richly textured masterwork. 


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